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Equal and Empowered is an organization committed to promoting equality for all through education of the individual person so that they may become more conscientious members of society, and promote and participate in creating positive change.


Currently our focus will be on the issues that women face, such as the wage gap, domestic violence, discrimination, and confidence in identity. 



Equal and Empowered was founded by six passionate students from Grandview Preparatory School located in Boca Raton, Florida. All the founders are determined to make a difference in the way marginalized groups are treated in society. Each member of the group has had experiences concerning inequality and discrimination based on gender and background, therefore, a focal point of our group is to touch on women’s rights and issues through education and awareness. 

Today, Equal and Empowered is still run by students who are passionate about promoting equality for all!



of slavery victims today are female [1]


The average percent of money women across all races make compared to a white man's dollar in the United States [2]


of national parliamentarians are women [3]

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