Apply E&E’s message and values to your own life..

This means standing for social justice, empowering yourself so you can aid others in doing the same, and embracing your individuality. These seemingly simple actions will allow you to improve your own life, and that of others around you.

Volunteer and Participate in our fundraisers and events.

By participating in E&E's fundraisers and events, you will gain invaluable experience and observe our mission in action. The members of E&E feel volunteering is an integral part of educating the community, and we ourselves volunteer throughout the community.




Equal and Empowered is dedicated to giving back to the community through service work and volunteering. Our belief is that volunteering, however small, can be more valuable than the donation of money. Whether it be volunteering at a women's shelter or teaching important ideals to young generations, Equal and Empowered can make a difference. 


Join us on our volunteering activities to give back to the community and apply the E+E message.

Sanitary Napkin Drive
At Grandview Prep
E+E Book
Arriving Mid-October
Table at Women Empower Expo FTL
November 10th
Self-Esteem Presentation
at Grandview Prep

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